Hydrochloric Acid


Hydrochloric acid is produced as a by producer during chlorination of paraffin oil. We have developed a special purification process through continuous settling by a cascading method and top skimming to reduce the oil content in the acid to the required ppm levels. The product therefore finds use in power plants and in the manufacture of synthetic chlorides used in food and other specific uses.

As the acid is synthetically produced, it is free of chlorides, sulphates and other heavy metals. It is therefore better than acid produced by electrolysis of salt.

We also manufacture hydrochloric acid of DM water quality as per customer's requirement.


Specification of Hydrochloric Acid As per IS 11673:1992



    Visual Appearance

 Clear transparent fuming liquid

    Specific Gravity

  1.150  1.170 at 27c

    Total Acidity (as Hcl) % by mass Max)

  30% - 33%

    Free Chlorine Content

  Less than 50 ppm

    Oil Content

  Less than 05 ppm

    Iron Content

  Less than 10 ppm