Chlorinated Paraffin


CHLORINATED PARAFFIN  or BRAND UNICHLOR is maufactured by the chlorination of C 9 to C 22 (H2n+2 ) straight chain hydrocarbons Stringent quality control measures are adhered to using sophisticated equipment like Lovibond Nessleriser, Karl Fisher apparatus, Abbe Refractometer, Brook Field Viscometer and Gas Liquid Chromatographer, Flow Rotameter and other state of the art equipments.

The L Grade is out of C10 - C13 Grade; Range- 38% to 70% Chlorine content
The M Grade is out of C15 - C16 Grade; Range- 38% to 68% Chlorine content
The H Grade is out of C18 - C19 Grade; Range- 38% to 52% Chlorine content


CPW is used widely as a secondary plasticiser in flexible PVC compounds notably cable, footwear, hosing, conveyor belting, coated fabric and profiles. In these applications it can be used to partially replace more expensive primary plasticisers. In compounds with flame-retardant requirements, CPW is used to partially replace more expensive primary flame-retardants.


An important benefit of CPW is its ability to reduce the unit cost of flexible PVC compounds. Correct reformulation with UNICHLOR produces PVC compounds with comparable physical properties: - softness or hardness, tensile strength, elongation at break and others, as well as heat aged retention of physical properties.


Increasingly, regulations specify flame resistance/ fire resistant in a growing number of applications. CPW is suitable for incorporation into PVC compounds and a range of other compounds and polymers, including polystyrene, polyethylene, polyester resins and natural and synthetic rubbers in products such as conveyor belts, polystyrene foam and glass fibre reinforced polyester.


Textiles for carpets, carpet backing, tarpaulins and tents and Paints can be treated with compositions to induce flame retardancy.


It is used in lubricants as an extreme pressure additive, where it forms a tenacious film on working parts. In cutting oils it is used as an additive to minimise 'weld' formation.


In paints it is used as a plasticiser for binders and resins.


It is also used in caulks and sealants.


As an excellent carrier for powders such as pigments , stabilizers and inorganic fire retardants.